Welcome to BizFlakes

BizFlakes is new, innovative and functionally-rich software allowing you to manage your employee data securely and efficiently, from one place, using any mobile device.

It is designed to support small business and will store employee data, run the payroll, manage employee reward and benefits and ensure you meet all your pension auto-enrolment obligations.

You can decide what business data and responsibilities to share with your colleagues - and your employees can access their own data too.

BizFlakes is available whenever you are online and is automatically updated for legislation changes and to introduce new features.

Getting Started

Simply sign in using your email address and password to gain access to all the applications your licence allows.

Click on the company name in the header and you can add some of your colleagues as users with specific roles - they can then manage those functions too. [You don't need to worry about employee users, they are automatically set up to have access to their own data such as online payslips, total reward statements and personal information].

Every application has its own dashboard with headline information and BizFlakes' menu options direct you to your employee data and processes. Whether you want to record a change of address, authorise an absence request, or run the payroll - you are just a few button clicks away.

The first time you use each application, look for the settings menu to configure your business rules such as annual holiday entitlement, your tax office details or auto-enrolment staging date. Once configured, you're ready to let BizFlakes manage your day-to-day business functions.

Go ahead, start managing your employee data now.